Finale Part 2

The Finish Line. (2013, July 3). Retrieved April 15, 2015, from

The Finish Line. (2013, July 3). Retrieved April 15, 2015, from

Previously on my blog posts…

I’ve told you guys how I’ve felt all year about learning news games and trying them out and I thought I would reflect a bit more on my journey thorughout my digital story teling semester. I’ve definetely learned a lot about writing scripts and how much work goes into it. I’ve talked about writing for digital story tellings more in detail in a past blog post, but overall after writing a long 10 page one, I’ve realized how much work it really is. Scipts are complicated. You need actions, settings, and conclusions to every path you take. Really appriciate the games you play online kids! Somebody spent a lot of time writing for that. Also just brain storming ideas is hard work. I like to think I’m a very creative and imaginative person, but because it’s a digital story and the story can go so many ways, you can’t stick to one plot line like a regular author. That being said, it sure is a lot of fun to keep making up twists and problems for characters to run in to.

Only having one week of school left upsets me, I for sure want to learn more about digital story telling. I really REALLY liked how I got to write, write AND blog about my experience. It’s been real people 🙂 Thanks for reading!

The Finale Part 1

end_of_the_road_SU13-500x300We are coming to the end of my semester folks. Almost the end of digital story telling. It’s the final lap now pretty much so I decided to dedicate these last two blog posts to sort of a reflection on my digital story telling process. The whole semester and what not. I really learned a lot about digital story telling and coming from somebody who had absolutely no idea what it was, I think I have a good hold on it now. Digital story telling for me has helped me find a bunch of new online games to blog about but has also given me some inspiration to write some of my own scripts.

I think playing other games has really brought back some memories of when I used to play and read them as a kid. Also I have really gotten into them. I never really was a huge computar gamer but I really enjoyed choosing the paths of my own stories so I throughoully enjoyed this semester.

Writing a digital story was quite challenging for me as well. I struggled with a few things but I think overall I got the general idea. It’s actually so creative when you have to think of 2 different endings of your own story. It’s a never ending use of your imagination.

There’s too much to write about in a single blog post so I think I’m going to make a part two of this. Stay tuned!